Sun-dried Red Pesto

Pesto has always been one of my favorite condiments. The original form consisting mainly of basil, garlic and olive oil is what first got me hooked; eating it in the most peculiar of ways has caused many to question me before! I love substituting it for things like butter and mayonnaise as I feel it enhances the flavors of whatever you have it with.

I’ve never tried a differing brand of pesto that has tasted the same before, which is all down to the differing ratio of each ingredient used. Sun-dried tomatoes are one of my favorite ways to eat tomato, which are a beautiful addition to red pesto. I threw this together myself, and after a few times I was highly satisfied with the flavor. Chia seeds are easily snuck into this recipe as well for a nice omega-3 and protein kick. This recipe is so versatile, whether you’re in the mood for spreading it onto a roll, mixing it into your pasta, or having it with some crackers and wine.


  • Sundried tomatoes, x5
  • Fresh basil leaves, x10
  • Cashews, x5
  • Chia seeds, x1 tblspn
  • Nutritional yeast, x1 tblspn
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • Extra virgin olive oil, x3 tblspns


  1. Prepare the pesto by adding the above ingredients to a Nutri Bullet or blender, giving them all a quick stir together beforehand. Blitz all ingredients based on preference (I prefer my pesto chunky), add in more olive oil if needed to make it more moist.
  2. Now enjoy your home-made sun-dried chia pesto with any of your favorite dishes!

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