Food Review: Oat Loaf

Nobody can doubt the amazing, healthy and positive impact Roz Purcell has had over all of us since she began her food blog a few years ago. Her inspiring journey with food and her lovable personality have no doubt motivated many of us to become the healthiest versions of ourselves, to get into the kitchen and make use of what is idle at the back of our cupboards.

My favorite recipes by Roz include her smoothies, snacks, and most particularly her bread recipes. I remember the countless stressful hours of my undergrad calling for mass consumption of comfort carbs, but sticking to Natural Born Feeder helped me keep this comfort food restricted to healthy food – I remember having Roz’s Lemon and Poppy Seed Loaf with me in Tupperware in the reading room on many occasions!

This morning I tried out Roz’s Oat Loaf recipe and I went with the sweet variation (banana, chopped nuts and honey) because I, for sure, have a sweet tooth. The texture of the loaf was A1 which I was impressed with considering how little effort was needed with this baking. The sweetness wasn’t overpowering either, in fact, I had some of yesterday’s hummus spread onto it!

This recipe has given me the motivation to cook more loaves now. I think I sometimes join the many others who believe baking to be a hassle or risk (esp. when I haven’t baked in a while). So thanks Roz for reminding me that it’s not hard… at all!

Find this recipe in Roz’s original Natural Born Feeder cookbook, as well as many more on the Natural Born Feeder website.

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