Food Review: Instant Pot Chicken Curry

Hey all and welcome to my first food review – one of hopefully many celebrating the best creations by chefs and cooks from Ireland and beyond!

The first recipe I choose to make is Irish man Stuart O’Keeffe’s Instant Pot Chicken Curry from Tasty Bites – a website that’s very easy to navigate through. Stuart is obviously very well established for his culinary talents, and I’ve been meaning to try his recipes for so long. I’m glad I did. I feel as though I can relate to Stuart in the sense that his mother had a huge influence over his love for cooking. His ethos to cooking is that a small quantity of delicious, locally sourced ingredients is all that’s needed to make delicious meals. His recipes invite all kinds of satisfaction, as well as a way to impress your friends and family when they come around for dinner.


I was glad to come across this recipe during the week as I had visitors to cook for and I was hoping to find something quick and convenient to throw onto the hob between work, a workout and us heading, post-dinner, for some drinks in the city. Aside from the chicken breasts, I happened to have all other ingredients in my press anyway, which was a bigger bonus and proves that Stuart is a very convenient recipe creator. In fact, I had so much extra time because of this super efficient recipe that I had the chance to make some homemade Naan to have along with the curry (Naan recipe is for a separate post).

I began by frying the curry powder to infuse the flavors, then added the onion, peppers, chili flakes, and ground pepper. I mixed them well in with each other until the onions and peppers began to tenderize…


I then added the rest of the ingredients and allowed everything to bubble through until the chicken was fully cooked throughout. I found that the curry was cooked well before the 45 mins allocated to the recipe on his website…


The only changes I made to the recipe were adding natural yogurt instead of fresh cream and sprinkling the curry with some Goji berries rather than raisins. My friends and I were raving about this dish and I’m not only inspired to make this one again, but to certainly try more of Stuart’s recipes. You can find the full ingredients list and methods over on Tasty Bites.


Some of Stuart’s recipes I’d like to also try:

Mom’s Chicken Noodle Soup

Image is originally from

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