Sweet smoothie blends

You can never play safer than to kick things off with a few smoothie recipes! Saying that, it’s a bit trickier to crack the ingredient ratio than you may think.

Winter in the Tropics is one of my favorite smoothie creations yet as it combines the cozy cinnamon spice with the tropical flavors of mango and pineapple.

The ‘Green Latifa’, as you may have guessed is in the glass to the left of the image, and was humorously named by my interim camerawoman Niamh (thanks Niamh 😂), is super refreshing and leaves a gorgeous bitter tang that also trounces any spinach aftertastes.

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Hey, it’s Ryan, the food anatomist! 😎 Growing up in Galway, my most recurrent thought about food was that a healthy diet guides a healthy mind. Especially as a shy teenager who didn’t express what was bothering me so much in words, I would use good, wholesome food as my therapist. Having grown into quite the expressive guy now, using my words to express how I feel isn’t an issue anymore, but I still clutch my strong belief that a healthy diet keeps you content and positive and can help combat the most woeful of thoughts and times. My way of playing on this belief, is my getting creative and incorporating these good foods into (mostly) healthy dishes. Not only does eating well help keep me sane and focused, cooking is one of my main hobbies and it is oftentimes where I find my purpose.

Many topics cause my mind to wander, but talk of food only stimulates it. Growing up, I was amongst a family of good cooks (especially my mum, granny and aunts), and, unknown to me, that knowledge accumulated and culminated in my own love for cooking, through the years. My previous blog, Endorphin Stew led me to much more than I could have imagined before setting it up. It taught me how to share my passion with a pleasant online community, how to make the most efficient time out of cooking, how to stretch little money a long way with a food shop, and a little about how the blogging industry works. However, ES was my college project, and now, as a fresh science graduate (who specialised in human anatomy) living abroad in Abu Dhabi, I am ready to step up with this fresh project. I have many things in mind, and being able to share my passion and creativity with all of you, will make this even more fulfilling. #foodanatomist

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Living in Abu Dhabi means constant sunlight, which makes smoothies very enjoyable, especially with a handful of ice thrown in, but that shouldn’t restrict them to just my climate.

I remember smoothie prepping for college in Galway last year, which meant taking my smoothie mixtures out of the freezer each morning and enjoying the smoothie boost on my walk to the bus (even when it was drizzling down).

The middle image is of a chocolate milk-less milkshake recipe, which will be saved for a future post.

Both of these recipes are easy to make together as they have common ingredients.

Please find the recipes below, and and feedback is welcomed. Enjoy!

Each recipe serves 2 and is:

V – vegan

D – dairy free


Winter in the Tropics

  • Oats, 30 g
  • Apple, x1
  • Banana, x1
  • Honeydew melon, handful
  • Pineapple chunks, handful
  • Almond milk, x1 cup
  • Chia seeds, 1/2 tblspn
  • Cinnamon, 1/2 tblspn
  • Ice

Green Latifa

  • Spinach, handful
  • Pineapple chunks, handful
  • Melon chunks, handful
  • Chia seeds
  • Almond milk, 1 cup
  • Ice
  • Method:
    1. Wash fruit and spinach well.
      Chop up the banana, pineapple and melon into chunks, if using.
      Add the solids into the blender first, followed by the almond milk, depending on how thick/liquid you want your smoothie.
      Blitz into a fine texture. Best served cold.

    I would like to thank Niamh for her help in kickstarting my blog over the past few weeks, I couldn’t have done it without your constant positivity, puns and motivation!

    thank you x

    Thanks all for reading. Keep up with my posts over at Instagram and I’m looking forward to your reappearance for my next post soon!

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